Philadelphia's first Airbnb location is open for business

PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) - This beautiful, historic home at 457 Pecan Avenue is Philadelphia’s first Airbnb location!

Homeowner Jenny Dabbs first got the idea to rent out the property while traveling with her daughter's softball team.

“My daughter plays softball for Mississippi State and traveling with her, sometimes we stayed in hotels, sometimes we didn't. Sometimes we looked at Airbnbs for different places to stay, historical places and little did I know that all those travels, I was researching to open my own here in town,” says Dabbs.

Dabbs says opening an Airbnb presents an exciting opportunity for the city.

"I just thought it was a good time to introduce something like this to the town, because the town is growing and it’s getting bigger and better. I just thought this would be a great time in our town's history to bring history back to Philadelphia, but in a new modern way,” says Dabbs.

Dabs says business is already booming!

"I knew it would take a minute to get all of this going, because it's a new idea for a small town but we opened November 11 and since then I have had 17 nights booked from local people in town who stayed one night to people from Chicago who stayed a week. We have people coming tonight actually from Texas and his great grandfather built this house."

The home was built in 1904 and still has the original floors, walls and ceilings.

The two bedroom home can also be rented for special events. For more information on 457 Pecan Avenue, head on over to the Airbnb website.