Portion of Village Fair Mall demolished

Published: Jun. 9, 2020 at 4:35 PM CDT
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A large portion of the old Village Fair Mall has been demolished and crews on Tuesday were picking up the debris left behind. The rest of the site will be demolished once crews finish removing all of the asbestos.

“They’ll be finished in the second week of July and the only thing that will be left is the concrete slab, and then county crews will then come in after that,” says Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors president Kyle Rutledge. “So we’re not too far away from all of this being cleaned up.”

Rutledge says county officials are still drawing up plans for the future of the site.

“The courthouse committee is constantly working on with the plans and with our architect to develop the building, and then we’ll move forward from there,” Rutledge explains.

Meridian Mayor Percy Bland says it is exciting to see the revitalization of the Sela Ward Parkway.

“We have city government, county government, private, and public working together, we have the museum going up there, we have a streetscape plan, we have some other plans for Sela Ward Parkway,” Bland says. “And just to knock down another blighted, eyesore in our city for growth, was just really great timing.”

The cost of the demolition and asbestos removal is around 1.7 million dollars.

“We’ll get to see new growth, a lot more potential with Lauderdale County and other potential retailers or businesses, it depends on which way we move with the property, all that’s still be decided,” Rutledge says. “But just looking forward to tearing this old building down and being a clean slate here in the entrance to Meridian.”

The old mall location will become the site of the new Lauderdale County government complex and possibly more.