Powerful earthquake causes tsunami concerns for Pacific Coast

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Update: Just before midnight CDT, the U.S. Tsunami Warning Center issued an updated statement. They now say a tsunami was not generated, and the threat has ended.

A powerful earthquake that occurred in the North Pacific Ocean Tuesday evening has the U.S. Tsunami Warning Center on watch for a tsunami.

The magnitude-7.8 earthquake happened at 9:49 PM CDT near the Kuril Islands just east of mainland Russia.

The Tsunami Warning Center issued a statement just after 10 PM saying and destructive tsunami was possible and that they were analyzing the potential danger for Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California.

No damage has been reported.

The North Pacific has a long history of being seismically active. The U.S. Geological Survey says four previous earthquakes stronger than magnitude-7.0 and three stronger than magnitude-8.0 have occurred in the last 120 years, including one magnitude-9.0 mega-thrust earthquake that occurred in 1952.