President's proposed budget cuts could directly impact locals

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) President Trump's proposed budget cuts could impact millions of Americans, including people here in Meridian. But Mississippi Republicans say it's time to reign in spending.

"Well, I will say this, we are truly in a fiscal crisis in this country. We have a 20 trillion dollar debt. It's projected to be 25 or 26 trillion within just a few years. That is totally unsustainable," House Speaker Pro Tem Greg Snowden says.

The President is proposing spending more money on defense, border security and infrastructure but less on domestic, educational and social programs. Conservatives say the cuts are necessary to get the budget back under control.

"We're going to have to start as a country, certainly the congress in getting control of our fiscal situation or we're going to find ourselves in a situation to where frankly the federal government will not be able to afford to send a lot of the money they've been sending say to states, they won't have it because it will be soaked up by other things,” Snowden says.

The proposed budget could impact groups that help people in need like the Jubilee Mennonite Church, which opens their doors and provides groceries to families every month.

"Well, this just helps people get it to the end of the month so to speak, and we don't give them enough groceries to live on for the whole month but enough to at least be a help."

Pastor Duane Maust says more families would be forced to ask his church and others for help under the president's proposed budget.

Maust says his since the church receives their supply from different non-profits such as the Mississippi Food Network, their supply wouldn’t be affected. Jubilee Church is at near capacity, so he urges other groups to help people in need that it could affect.

"I feel like our church is doing about all we can. So I would encourage other churches to join us and do their own food give out like what we're doing."

Medicaid users and food stamp recipients could be impacted under president trump's proposed budget cuts. Nearly one in five Americans use Medicaid and more than one in ten are on food stamps. Slashing these programs will likely be opposed in the Senate.