Progress being made on fencing project for Village Fair Mall

LAUDERDALE CO., Miss. (WTOK) - At the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday, the lowest and best bid was accepted for the fencing project at the long-vacant Village Fair Mall. It will be the site of the new Lauderdale County Courthouse.

“[The fence is being put up] just to protect the area. At some point, we’re going to be bringing equipment into the area to do some demo work to the mall itself and we also just want to put that fence up to protect people from going on to the site,” says Jonathan Wells, president of the board of supervisors. “We know that there’s some areas in that location where you get inside the mall, possibly even on the outside, and that’s just not healthy for people to be around or be near so we’re just taking steps to protect the public and protect our equipment.”

Wells says the fence will start going up in a few weeks.

“Each company, every time we award one of these bids, they have so many days to get their products ready to get on site and to go to work,” Wells explains. "So I would imagine within 3 weeks to a month, you’ll start seeing a fence being put up.”

The board also approved advertising for bids for the abatement of the Village Fair Mall at Monday’s meeting.

“We’ve already put out for bids for Firestone [building], awarded that contract. The Firestone building is being abated, and we’ll start making processes to tear that building down,” Wells said. “And what we did [Monday] is we’re putting out for bids to have the asbestos studies done on the mall, and once that’s done it will be abated and we’ll go to work on tearing the Village Fair Mall down as well.”

The quote that was accepted by the Board for the fencing project was from Precision Fencing, LLC for $26,522.81.