Prom season underway

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - High school seniors across our area are gearing up for prom night, a time for a lot of fun but also when poor decisions such as drinking could be made.

‘We’d encourage everyone to make sure that they not only obey the law but do the smart thing and not be involved in any activities that could cause what should be a great night, to turn into a tragedy,” says Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun with the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department.

Some schools such as Bay Springs High School are using visuals to get their messages across. Cory Dickerson is a paramedic who filmed a video that depicts the results of a deadly accident caused by drunk driving.

“The drone footage will be a third person perspective, the GoPro footage is kind of using the first person perspective and it really helps just to be able to get the point across to people,” Dickerson says.

Peer pressure can sometimes lead to poor decisions. Lauderdale County Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun suggests that students take that negative pressure and make it positive by taking the lead and making good decisions.

“You set the tone and the atmosphere for that being the right thing to do by not doing the things that you know, that not only you can get yourself injured, hurt, or placed in jail for a DUI, that you do the smart thing and have a good evening, have a good experience because you make good choices and those are things that you decide before the event, and you stick with those decisions.”

If you do get into a bad situation, have a plan in place to get back to safety.

“Have a system set up with a parent, or guardian, older brother, sister, someone who could come and pick them up without questions being asked necessarily when they find themselves in those situations and that could be done with a text message and not even having to say anything in front of others,” Calhoun explains.