Proposal to raise speed limits in Mississippi

Published: Jan. 26, 2018 at 6:21 PM CST
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Speed limits on Mississippi's highways and interstates could soon be on the rise. The proposal is still pending at the State Capitol.

Senator Robert Jackson wants to see the speed limit raised by 5 mph on State Highways and interstates.

"I used to be a fast driver but now it seems I'm slower because everybody's passing me," said Jackson.

Jackson says he's just trying to get the constituents what they want.

"People are already driving higher speed than the posted speed limits," explains Jackson.

Certain research groups caution there are safety consequences of raising speed limits. That's something some drivers worry about too, especially on the interstates.

"It could bring on some concerns for myself and other people around me," said Jessie McKnight. "Because not everybody can go above the speed limit and drive safe."

The insurance institute for highway safety studied the impact of other states upping the limits. They found that a 5 mile per hour increase in the state maximum speed limit leads do an 8% increase in deaths on interstates and highways. Still, not all drivers think higher speeds will equal dangerous impacts.

"I think most people speed either way it goes. So, five Miles wouldn't make a difference," said Colin Foot.

Jesse McKnight also expressed his concerns about higher speed limits and the conditions of our roads.

"We already know the interstates are not the best Interstate here in Mississippi," said McKnight. "So, a lot of that needs to be attended to even before that even consider raising the speed limit."