Rain on track for Thursday, then some wintry precip could fall next week

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We are tracking two rounds of precipitation in the next week. The second round arrives next Monday. It will be rain to start, but it may change to sleet for some of us just before it ends Tuesday morning.

A low pressure wave will approach from our west on Monday morning. Rain will increase Monday afternoon and fall through the night. As a strong arctic blast of cold air arrives after midnight Monday night, some of the rain will change to or mix with sleet. Not everyone will get the sleet, and those who do may get only limited accumulation if any.

Here's what you need to know right now. The forecast for rain is of a high level of confidence. Wintry precipitation, especially in the Deep South, is tricky to forecast. The reality is no wintry precipitation is guaranteed from this storm system, but it does appear to be growing increasingly possible. Based on our latest data, snow is unlikely. Any wintry precipitation will get is most likely to be sleet. As we get new data over time, we can apply that new data to the forecast to fine tune the expectations. Know now that sleet is a possibility on Tuesday morning. Sleet can lead to dangerous travel conditions if it accumulates. It can also lead to widespread power outages if it coats power lines with ice. Don't check a forecast today and assume it won't change. Check back for updates at least once a day.

Before we get there, we have another rain maker that will arrive on Thursday. The system in question extends from Kentucky and Tennessee to Arkansas to Oklahoma and Texas.

This evening will stay dry. Temperatures will cool slowly into the upper 50s through 10 PM Clouds will begin increasing, mostly after about 10 PM. Thursday morning will be dry at the bus stop for the kids. Temperatures will be in the mid-50s. Rain will increase between 9 AM and noon. The rain may break up as it's moving through, which could limit the coverage and duration of the rain. If it does, indeed, break up it may end by 4-6 PM. If it's slower to break up, we can have areas of rain through about 9 PM to midnight.

The rain will be gone by the time we're heading out the door to work Friday morning. We will be dry but chilly for high school football Friday night. This weekend will be sunny with cold mornings and cool afternoons. Then the next weather maker arrives Monday afternoon.