Rain will be sticking around for the rest of the week .

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Right now looking at the EMEPA live radar we can see a few showers and thunderstorms that are lingering, but they should mostly be ending by 7 PM. So for your dinner tonight I would try to stay inside as showers are still possible. Right now we are sitting in the lower 80's, which will continue at 7 PM, and by 8 PM we will be in the upper 70's. There is a 20% chance of precipitation from 6 PM to 8 PM so we could still being some isolated showers lingering, but our main storms should be dissipating by 7 PM.
By 11 PM tonight we could be seeing come showers still hanging around but it will mostly be moderate to heavy rain. Overnight the rain will be moving out and we will see temperatures in the mid 60's by the morning. By noon tomorrow we will be heating up to the mid 80's and we do have a 40% chance of rain tomorrow but the rain moves in by the afternoon. We can start to see those showers popping up in the afternoon and staying around for the evening. By 11 PM tomorrow we could still being seeing an isolated shower, but our precipitation will mostly be gone and we will be seeing temperatures in the lower 70's. Our chance for rain does come back on Memorial day as we see a 50% chance of thunderstorms and rain in the forecast. By the morning we will be pretty clear with temperatures in the upper 60's and by noon we will be in the mid 80's. Our chance for showers comes in after 1 PM and we can see showers developing until dinner time. By dinner time we will see some showers still in the area ad moving through until 11 PM.
If you have plans for Memorial day I might move them up just a little to tomorrow afternoon, as our chance for precipitation is lower. By 10 AM tomorrow we will already be in the lower 80's and getting to the upper 80's by noon. However, those chance of showers come in afternoon, but we will be heating into the 90's by 2 PM and getting back into the upper 80's by 4 PM. I would go ahead and download the WTOK app to stay updated on what is going on in the area as this rain comes in and stays for the rest of the week. Today we did reach the 90's which is our second day in a row and we are just 6 degrees above normal.
For the rest of your week we will be seeing that chance of rain stick around. Tomorrow we have a 40% chance of showers and we will be sticking around in the 90's. On Monday our chance of rain goes up to 50%, but our temperatures go down just a little to the upper 80's. We will stick around in the mid to upper 80's to the rest of the week but our chances of rain vary from 50% to 60%. Over night we will be in the mid 60's almost every night. ​