Rainy Thursday follows a dry Wednesday

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Weather is calm and quiet this evening for any last minute voters. Remember polls close at 7 PM. Temperatures will cool from 60s to 50s.

Our next weather maker is on track to arrive on Thursday. Snow falling over the Canadian Rockies in southern Alberta is associated with a storm system heading in our direction. As the snow swings south to Montana and Wyoming tonight and Wednesday, rain will increase on the warm side of that intensifying storm system across the Central Plains. We will notice showers increasing between 7 AM and noon Thursday. Rain will grow increasingly widespread Thursday afternoon and Thursday evening before ending around midnight Thursday night.

Friday will start cloudy with a chance for a few lingering showers. The rest of the day will grow brighter as the sun is uncovered by the clouds. Friday will be cooler, however, with high temperatures only in the lower 50s. A sunny weekend will follow. Low temperatures will be in the 30s with highs in the lower 60s both Saturday and Sunday.

The next big deal arrives on Monday. What we will notice is rain Monday afternoon and evening. The rain will end Monday night, but we're seeing some early signals that some Arctic cold may invade by Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. There's a lot of time for changes, and we will monitor the intensity of the cold air surge to fine tune that forecast over time. For now, it's worth a mention to make sure you have heavy coats, electric blankets, and safe ways of staying warm. Also take the time to winterize your car before next week. It will need to be done anyway, even if this deep freeze doesn't materialize this time around.