Ratings for Mississippi School Districts released

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JACKSON, Miss. (AP, WTOK) -- About one in five Mississippi school districts showed improvement under the state's rating system in 2016-2017. Some benefited from better graduation rates and test scores and others apparently benefited from changes in the scoring system.

The number of F-rated districts fell from 20 to nine, while the number earning C, B or A ratings all increased, as ratings were released Thursday.

Higher scores in some districts were driven by increasing graduation rates, better test scores and more high school students enrolled in accelerated courses.

Here are some of how our local districts fared:

Enterprise School District: A (Ranked 4th in the entire state)

Newton County School District: A

Union Public School District: B

West Jasper Consolidated School District: B

Lauderdale County School District: B

Neshoba County School District: C

Philadelphia Public School District: C

Louisville Municipal School District: C

Newton Municipal School District: C

East Jasper County Consolidated School District: C

Quitman School District: D

Meridian Public School District: D

Kemper County School District: D

Noxubee County School District: F (One of ten worst in the state)

Six districts, including Jackson, have now been rated F two years in a row. That makes them eligible to be absorbed into a special state takeover district.

The state's three charter schools also were rated poorly, with two getting Ds and one getting a second F.