Reactions to "Killary" graffiti

Published: Nov. 4, 2016 at 5:21 PM CDT
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With the presidential election just days away, three teenagers were taken into custody Thursday night for vandalism related to the election.

Three teenagers were arrested for vandalizing the Charles Young Hotel in downtown Meridian. The word "Killary" is spray painted on the building multiple times. Other areas say "Killary Clinton". People in the downtown area say it's a shame.

"I'm sorry that it happened in this area, but things are happening all over this town," Meridian resident Eddie Lee Whitehead says.

Police say this is one of several buildings in downtown that were painted recently. They say someone witnessed the three juveniles spray painting on the side of the EF young building. Police say they arrived to find the juveniles on scene with paint.

"We just got to straighten it out, do a little better, respect each other a little more and just keep on praying to God that our blessings keep coming," Whitehead says.

Representative Charles Young Jr. has a statement posted on Facebook about the situation saying: "This was not done by young blacks but white juveniles. And that hatred has hit hard in Meridian."

"Well, you know kids do things ordinarily like they're doing now, for some reason," White head says. "I mean, that's kids' ways. When I was a kid, I did things out of the ordinary, myself.

Also painted on the side of the building is "black lives matter" and "vote Trump, save the bees". It's not clear if they are responsible for all of the graffiti. Police say there have been several cases of vandalism like this in recent days.

Police say three teens were arrested at the scene, and they will be charged as juveniles, which means neither their names, nor their mugshots will be released to the public.

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