Recent string of auto burglaries in Meridian

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Just last weekend, Meridian police responded to calls about four auto burglaries within 3 days.

Police Chief Benny Dubose says the city sometimes sees up to 40 cases of this crime a month.

"While some people look at auto burglaries as not being a major problem, here in the city of Meridian it is a problem," said Chief Dubose.

Chief Dubose said a lot of the break-ins happen at similar places.

"Most of our auto burglaries occur in the areas where we have our major shopping centers on Frontage Road, hotels and restaurants," said Chief Dubose.

Driver Rennie Brewer says she has a plan to keep her items safe while she's away from her vehicle.

"Don't leave them visible where people can see them," said Brewer. "If you can, put them under your seat... I keep a throw blanket in my truck to cover them up."

Brewer says taking precautionary measures is necessary when trying to avoid car break-ins.

"It's sad because they'll break in your car for just any little thing, I don't care if it's clothes, groceries or whatever," said Brewer.

Law enforcement encourages drivers to lock their doors and avoid leaving valuables in plain sight.

"If there is nothing visible to the eye from the outside, they're not going to risk getting caught and just rambling through your vehicle," said Chief Dubose. "Usually the individuals are after things they can usually sell on the street...not anything they'll probably take to a pawn shop that can be easily traced."

If you happen to see suspicious activity, contact The Meridian Police Department or The East Mississippi Crime-stoppers at (855) 485-8477.