Reconciliation Week Luncheon brings people together

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) -- Reconciliation Week continued Wednesday in Meridian as part of remembering the tragedy at Lockheed Martin that happened 15 years ago.

(Photo Source: WTOK-TV)

Wednesday's annual Rev. Charlie J. Miller Luncheon brings people from all walks of life together to remember the past and help community relations in the present and the future.

What began as a one-day annual commemorative of the 2003 Lockheed Tragedy expanded to a week-long celebration in 2008. The luncheon featured leaders of the community coming together in an effort to help create a positive atmosphere as a message of hope, healing and reconciliation.

"There's been some trials because there's always someone out there trying to stop you," said Dr. Samuel L. Thompson, the keynote speaker. "Sometimes they just wanted to give it up, but I encouraged them to keep on going and I'm glad they did because it means so much to this city and to the people of Meridian."

For a ninth year, the Reverend Charlie J. Miller Memorial Scholarships were awarded and the Miller Foundation presented a check to the Wesley House Community Center.

"For me it means a lot that they would recognize the Wesley House for the reconciliation and for the work we're trying to do in the community," David Shultz, executive director of the Wesley House. "We're very honored by that."

It's very important that we talk about the fact that everyone of us need to become reconcilers. We all have situations in our lives that we can get involved to help people learn to love one another.

WTOK General Manager Tim Walker was also a recipient of the prestigious Reconciler Award at the ceremony.