Record high shattered Friday, heat continues through the weekend

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The record high temperature was shattered Friday afternoon at Meridian Regional Airport. The heat isn't over, but it should ease back slightly over the weekend and then hold steady through next week.

Friday's record high was 98, which happened in 1954. That record went up in smoke when the temperature hit 102 degrees at 2:37 PM. It happened again just before 4 PM. We weren't the only ones. Record highs were broken today in Vicksburg, Greenwood, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, and Anniston.

Weather will be hot for high school football tonight. Be sure you stay hydrated by drinking water. Carbonated drinks and alcoholic drinks actually dehydrate you, so those are best avoided. Kickoff temperatures will be in the upper 80s around 7 PM. We will likely still be in the lower 80s at the ends of the games as 10 PM nears.

Saturday will be sunny and still hot. Although the sizzle won't stop, we should ease back slightly with those temperatures. The morning will start with lower 70s. We will warm quickly through the 80s and to near 90 degrees by 11 AM. Expect another round of mid-90s around mid-afternoon. The record high for Saturday is 101 degrees. That should be safe for at least another year. Heat index values will max out at 100-105.

Mid-90s will be the rule with generally dry conditions lasting through Wednesday. Stray showers or thunderstorms will be possible for a select few of us each day. Showers and thunderstorms should increase slightly next Thursday and Friday. More of us might see showers, but not everyone will see showers.

Tropical Depression Nine formed near the Bahamas Friday. That system is likely to pass northward east of Florida and well east of us in East Mississippi and West Alabama with no impacts locally.