Red Cross and MFD team up to install smoke alarms

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The American Red Cross and the Meridian Fire Department have teamed up to install smoke alarms across the Queen City.

"It's a nationwide incentive. We try to get out into the communities and raise awareness,” says Jeff Justice with the Red Cross.

The Red Cross focused on informing residents about the importance of home fire safety. Safety topics ranged from removing space heaters from certain areas to making sure you know how to get out of your home.

"House fires every year take out hundreds of homes and leaves many families with nothing left of the things they accumulated over their lifetimes. It's important to us to spread the safety message,” explains Justice.

While the Red Cross talked with residents, the fire department inspected every room in the homes and installed however many alarms were needed. They also showed residents how the alarms work.

"Smoke alarms are your first defense on knowing if you have a fire in the house. We really want the community to be covered. Those smoke alarms can really save your life,” says Rachel Foy, fire prevention specialist.

A total of 57 smoke alarms were installed into15 homes Saturday. Both organizations say this was an important effort that needed to be addressed.

"A lot of times fires happen at night when you're in bed sleeping. If you don't have that smoke alarm then you might have never known you had a fire. That smoke alarm lets you know that you have a fire so that you can get out of your house,” says Foy.

"This is an ongoing thing. We are doing this every week and weekend. We are always trying to reach out to communities and make them safer,” says Justice.

If you live in the Meridian city limits and are in need of a smoke alarm you can call the Meridian Fire Department Station One at 601-485-1822 or you can call the American Red Cross at 601-485-5151.