Red Cross helping tornado victims

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - Red Cross workers have been assisting those in northern Lauderdale County that are affected by the tornado.

Going door-to-door of homes destroyed or heavily damaged by Saturday's EF-2 tornado. The Red Cross is working hard to make sure everyone knows the kind of help they can get and to make sure everyone is taken care of.

“We’re helping them. We’re opening cases and seeing what needs they have. Whether it’s clothing, shelter, food and seeing how we can assist,” Red Cross Client Case Worker Supervisor Tina Spencer says

An emergency shelter has been opened at Greater Outreach Baptist Church for those who don't have a home, but Red Cross workers say people not wanting to go to the shelter. Instead, many are living in their vehicles in the damage zone.

"A lot of people won’t go to the shelter because they want to protect their property and what’s left,” Spencer says.

The Red Cross helps with more than just shelter for those affected by the tornado. They also help with other things tornado victims might need like medicine or medical equipment.

They say these are things that might've been lost in the storm that are a necessity for some people. Workers say they say they are amazed by the resiliency of those affected by the storm.

“Many of them are almost in a state of denial and can’t believe this is happening. But then there are those who are very realistic and concrete; ‘the house blew away. We gotta clean it up and get on.’ They’re will to go on. The ability to smile in the face of a disaster is unbelievable,” Red Cross Mental Health Specialist, Dr. Lindalee Slegelmilch says.

If you know anyone that might need help from the Red Cross you can call them at 601-701-5151.

The shelter is at Greater Outreach Missionary Church at 9745 Highway 39 N.