Rep. Charles Young, Jr. returns to Meridian after unveiling a gun at Miss. Legislature

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Representative Charles Young, Jr. is back in Meridian, one day after a bold move on the House floor that grabbed national media attention.

On Thursday, while speaking on the House floor at the state Capitol, Young pulled out his pistol and concealed carry permit and held the gun over his head. Young did this to make a point about a proposed gun rights bill he disagrees with.

We talked to Young about the controversial move after a speaking engagement at MSU-Meridian Friday morning.

"I don't believe people need to have weapons, in a courthouse," Young, Jr. said.

The House passed a bill that would void or eliminate rules limiting where people can carry guns on public property, including college campuses.

"These are things that weren't allowed in schools, in government buildings, and I just think it's ludicrous that we would want to have these types of weapons to be carried on our streets," Young, Jr. said.

Another concern, Young says a legislative order states only law enforcement can conceal carry in the building, unless a majority of legislators grant special permission. Young says the rule isn't clear and could put citizens, including children at risk.

"And if our rules say we can't have it, then I wanted to know why the Judge B Chair say we could have it. Now the speaker, to my understanding, still has not given an answer to my request," Young, Jr. said.

Now Young just wants answers.

"Again, I don't know where the problem is. The Supreme Court ruled that our rules trump state law. And if our rules say you can't why is the Judiciary B Chairman making somewhat of a different representation," Young, Jr.

Despite an initial motion to reconsider the bill, it now moves to the Senate.