Rep. Sewell continues 'Congress in Your Community' Tour

DEMOPOLIS, Ala. (WTOK) - As members of Congress enjoy Thanksgiving break, U.S. Representative Terri Sewell is spending the week off reaching out, and listening, to her constituents in Alabama's 7th Congressional District this week.

"I think it's really important for me to have an opportunity for me to tell my constituents what's going on in Washington, but most importantly to listen to them in their issues. I think the best way I can represent the folks back home is to be here with them and gauging in conversation about the issues that matter most to them," Representative Sewell said.

Congresswomen Sewell's "Congress in Your Community" Tour is a perfect way for voters to share their thoughts and concerns and get updates on the latest in Washington.

Representative Sewell's topics of discussion included: national security, health care and tax reform.

"The most serious threat that we're facing right now is cyber security and trying to figure out how we can get standard so that other nations can't hack into our systems," Representative Sewell said.

Cyber security continues to be a major, national threat, but in West Alabama, folks are talking about the Republican's proposed tax bill.

"I believe is not a good deal for Alabamians and it's a raw deal for Americans," Congresswoman Sewell said. “The winner and losers in the tax bill, both the Senate and the House, are big corporations, fat cats, and Wall Street. And the losers are the working class families, the middle class, small businesses and those who aspire to be in the middle class."

Congresswoman's Sewell goal at the end of her tour? To make a difference and restore hope in the community she serves

"Since I represent people that are in the losing category of this bill, I voted no against this bill. And I hope senators will vote no when the senate bill gets to the floor," Representative Sewell said.

Although Representative Sewell believes the Republican Tax Bill would hurt the middle class, Sewell’s republican counterparts in Alabama like Representative’s Bradley Byrne and Gary Palmer say the GOP tax proposal would create economic growth and produce higher wages for working families.