Repairing washed out roadways, culverts

Published: Dec. 28, 2018 at 3:49 PM CST
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With so many bridges and roadways washed away, Lauderdale County Supervisors are looking at getting repairs done as soon as possible.

District 5 Supervisor Kyle Rutledge has several damaged roadways in his part of the county. The repairs will include big pipes that have to be replaced. The one on Suqualena- Meehan Road is 60 inches in diameter.

“We just have to work to get things repaired. The water has to come down to do the repairs and then get the certain pipes repaired,” Rutledge says.

The culvert and dirt beneath many roads have collapsed and washed away, leaving only about a three-inch thick surface. It’s hard to see when looking at it from the road.

“It’s strictly just asphalt intact there. It looks like you can drive in that one lane, but it’s only asphalt. All of the imbedded soils around the pipe have scoured out,” Mayatt explains.

With some of the washed out roads, Mayatt says the work that needs to be done is something the county does on a routine basis.

“We change culverts out all the time. That’s our daily function really. We are very fortunate that all the damage we’ve had has been small tributary ditches,” Mayatt says.

County Engineer and Road Manager, Rush Mayatt, he hopes to have all of the problem areas identified for work to begin within the next week.