Local retailers excited about upcoming Mississippi lottery

Published: Oct. 2, 2019 at 6:00 PM CDT
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In less than two months, Mississippi will be the 45th state that has a lottery. Meg Annision with the Mississippi Lottery Corporation says the popular games will be in the state no later than December.

"We're starting with scratch offs first so we'll likely introduce four scratch offs. A one dollar, five dollar, maybe a ten dollar… that will start around December 1st," said Annison. "In the spring by February if not sooner, we'll introduce power-ball and mega millions."

Annison said the lottery could bring in more than 100 million dollars by July.

"After you do payouts and other cost and expenses, the net proceeds up to 80 million for 10 years goes to infrastructure needs around the state," said Annison. "After that 10 years, the up to 80 million goes to the general fund."

Revenue over 80 million is expected to go to education

Retailers will sell lottery tickets to keep a percentage of ticket sales. We talked to the general manager of the Travel Centers of America located near the Mississippi-Alabama state line.

"We already get a lot of diesel traffic as far as the truck drivers and they like to play scratch offs and pick different things as far as the lottery goes," said Hicks. "A lot of locals from Lauderdale county and the Meridian area will like it also."

John Hicks expects people to make the drive over from Alabama to play at his store.

"People have always been wanting it in Mississippi anyway," said Hicks. "People in Alabama who are closer to us than another stores, they'll come in and do it also."

Lottery officials say retailers interested in selling tickets should apply online at as soon as possible.

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