Road paving project back on track in Meridian

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The route to work and school will be a lot smoother for Meridian drivers after work continues on the city's multi-million dollar road repair and repaving project.

The weather has delayed progress in recent months.

"You don't want to rip a street open and then have a rain event or a weathering or whatever and worsen the condition of the road. Which means you have to do even more work to it. This is just not the time of year where you want to go in and start doing asphalt overlays," said Public Works Director Hugh Smith.

Smith says the city's manpower has hindered the amount of progress he would like to see completed.

"Sometimes you can get lucky if you have a warm front coming through and you have the proper personnel and size crew and so forth, which we really don't. We're really just set up for neighborhood streets. We don't do major operations like you see APAC do," said Smith.

Smith says there are measures already in place to prevent more potholes from appearing. The public works director mentioned crack sealing as one of the most proven methods in the industry to prevent those nuances in the road from forming.

Mayor Percy Bland asks for residents to remain patient as crews resume work by the beginning of April.

"We can't pave all the streets overnight. We can't pave all the streets and fix all the potholes at the same time," said Mayor Bland.

Over the next few weeks, coordinators will begin listing which roads will be tended to in Phase 3.

"To a lot of the people out there who have a relationship with their council members and even myself, you need to put that information in because the route that we were going to go as far as which streets would get addressed first doesn't look like we're going to go that route now," said Bland.

The process will carry on through the summer months.

"I'd like to say we have an ongoing active paving program, which in our mind we want to address all city streets," said Smith.