Ross Collins students building planters for TJ Harris Upper Elementary

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Carpentry and Construction students at Ross Collins are building planters for TJ Harris Upper Elementary.

“These are carpentry students so there is a lot of measuring and cutting of lumber involved in this project so it just fit hand in hand with what we do in our curriculum and it gives my students a chance to come out here on the actual job site and do some hands-on work,” says Eric Pickard, the carpentry and construction instructor at Ross Collins. “We actually prepped the material in our shop and then we brought it out here this morning and we’re assembling it here on the job site.”

The planters are being used by the elementary school as a project that teaches the students how to grow and sell plants.

“This is our school garden. It’s a part of our PBL project, that’s project-based learning, and our students are going to be researching different vegetables and plants that they can grow and they’re learning the process of growing those plants and from there,” says Janiqua Merrell, a third grade math and science teacher at TJ Harris Upper Elementary. “They’re going to harvest those plants and we’re going to actually have a market to where the students run it and sell those items.”

Many different subjects are being taught through this project.

“It incorporates reading, math, science, social studies, writing, and so we’re incorporating it into the classrooms and they’re able to come out here and actually put it in action,” Merrell says.

Ross Collins students say this project is both good for their future careers and good for the younger students.

“[It’s important] because we need the experience as we grow up in life and also this will be helpful for the kids so they could plant the gardens and stuff like that,” says Michael Doughty, a student at Ross Collins. “It will just look good around the school.”

The carpentry and construction class has been working on this project for almost 2 weeks.