Scattered showers and warming temperatures are in the forecast for tomorrow.

Taking a look at downtown Meridian right now, we can see a partly cloudy sky with some clouds sticking around, but we aren't expecting them to create any precipitation. So for your dinner time it would be nice to open a window or sit outside with the family. At 6 PM we will be in the upper 70's and staying in the mid to upper 70's by 7 PM. By 8 PM we will be dropping into the lower 70's with a zero percent chance of precipitation. Using the EMEPA live radar we are seeing a few showers to the South but they haven't made it to our area just yet.
We will continue to see shower to the South by 11 PM and temperatures in the mid 60's. Overnight we will drop into the upper 50's, but it will be a few degrees warmer than it has been the last few mornings. We can also see some rain inching closer and closer to our area and by the mid morning the showers will be come more moderate. From mid morning to afternoon we can start to see a few showers in the area and they will move through by 3 PM leaving us with a few more isolated showers. And by dinner time they should be almost out of our area but we could still see a stray shower. Tomorrow night would be a great night to order a pizza or hang out inside with the family because by 6 PM we will be in the lower 80's but our chance of precipitation is at 40%. By 7 PM we will be in the upper 70's and that chance of rain will go down to 20%, and by 8 PM we will be in the lower 70's and that 20% chance of rain is still sticking around. The rain isn't going anywhere though as we can see it sticking around tomorrow, Friday, and this weekend. By Saturday our chance of rain will be at 30% with a record breaking high of 91 degrees for this year. By Sunday the precipitation chances will be going up to 40% and our temperature could remain in the 90's.
For your day tomorrow we will be in the mid 60's by 7 AM. By noon we will start to see the chance of showers become more present and our temperatures will be up to the upper 70's. By 4 PM we could be seeing the lower 80's and a few showers still in the area. Tomorrow would be a great day to hang out at home or grab your umbrella and go and shop local. Today we reached the lower 80's which is normal for this time of year.
For the next 7 days we are seeing a lot of rain in the forecast. Tomorrow we will have a 30% chance of rain and that chance will increase to 40% by Friday. Over the weekend we are seeing those record breaking temperatures of the 90's, for the first time this year, but the chance of rain still lingers. And for memorial day there is a 50% chance of rain. Overnight we will be seeing the mid 60's to the upper 60's. ​