Santa Claus talks about tips for keeping a live Christmas tree

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Santa Claus spent Black Friday at Marvin's Building Supply in Meridian, but shopping wasn't the only thing on Santa’s mind: Saint Nick spent some of his time showing us how to take care of a live Christmas tree.

“The first thing you want to do when you purchase your tree is make sure that they cut about two inches off the stump of the tree, this will allow the tree to absorb water better. Also, when you get your tree home, make sure that you place it away from any heat ducts, the hot air will help dry out the tree prematurely.” Santa says.

Santa says always make sure the tree always has enough water: “The main tips is to keep the tree watered, a Christmas tree can absorb up to a gallon of water per day, so make sure at all times that you keep your Christmas tree stand full of water.”

Properly functioning lights are also important: “Mainly check you’re lights and make sure that’s there’s no frayed wires or any safety hazard with your lights, you’d also like to use the low heat lights, they’ll help extend the life of the tree.”

Santa wanted to share these tips with Newscenter 11 viewers because many people will buy and decorate their trees this weekend.

“Actually this weekend is our busiest weekend, after Thanksgiving, everybody’s ready to get their tree up, and get in the Christmas spirit, so this weekend is the weekend.” according to Santa.

One final tip- when Christmas is over- make sure you properly dispose of your tree.

“There’s several ways to dispose of your tree, a lot of the local lakes are glad to have them, they use them for habitat for fish, you can set them out by the road and the city will pick them up, or there’s several places you can carry them and they’ll mulch them and you can actually take the mulch from the tree and use in your flower beds.”