Scattered showers and a few thunderstorms possible Monday

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Showers and thunderstorms will increase on Monday as a weak cold front approaches our area from the north. The cold front will weaken and likely will not have much influence on our temperatures.

The showers and thunderstorms won't even be for everyone. The highest odds for getting rain at your house are north of Highway 16 - around Philadelphia, Louisville, and Macon. The chance for rain grows smaller with southward progression. The farther south you are, the fewer those showers will be.

Showers will be increasing between 9 AM and noon in our far northern areas around Louisville. Rain will shift southward toward Philadelphia between noon and 3 PM and then southward to Highway 80 around Meridian, Newton, and Decatur through 6 PM. Occasional showers will be possible through about 6 AM Tuesday. Expect gradual clearing on Tuesday afternoon. Stray showers are possible ahead of these times.

Areas north of I-20 can get up to a half-inch to an inch of rain. Areas along and south of I-20 will get up to a quarter-inch of rain. Some areas will not get any rain at all.

Monday will also be a warm day. Temperatures will warm from low-to-mid 60s for morning lows to mid-to-upper 70s for afternoon highs.