Schlegel murder trial continues in Neshoba County

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PHILADELPHIA, Miss. Justyn Schlegel was charged for beating Rexdale Henry to death in 2015. The jury heard more testimony and had the chance to look at the jail cell where investigators say Schlegel murdered Henry.

Source: Neshoba Co. Sheriff's Dept.

Testimony from jailers, officers and investigators recounted the day Rexdale Henry died, while in a jail cell with Justyn Schlegel.

An agent at the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation took the stand saying, Schlegel was charged for beating Henry to death after his autopsy showed multiple blunt force trauma. The state showed video overlooking the booking room where Schlegel's and Henry's cell was.

The MBI agent says she spent days looking at the video and noticed Schlegel was standing, making an up and down motion, near where Henry was sitting, like, "stomping." Later the MBI agent found bruises on Schlegel's feet.

Almost two weeks after Henry died, Schlegel was charged with first degree murder. Schlegel's lawyer pointed out there are two cameras overlooking the booking room, but the agent only used one camera view to build her case.

The jury got to take a look inside the booking room and detox cell, where Henry was found dead.

It gave the jury a better perspective of the layout and what could be determined from different camera angles.

The other camera recordings weren't used in the investigation because the agent said the one shown to the jury showed more movement in the cell Schlegel and Henry were sharing.

The trial is expected to continue Thursday at the Neshoba County Courthouse.