Second break-in at 'Habitat for Humanity' volunteer house

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Habitat for Humanity says their volunteer house on 30th Avenue was broken into over the weekend.

"It kind of hurts our spirits with wanting to do a lot of good in the neighborhood when people are coming behind you and taking what you’re putting out there for others to use,” says Executive Director Monica Bradley

Bradley says they discovered the break-in Monday when they went to the clean the volunteer house before a habitat group from Indiana arrived. The criminals had ransacked and cleaned out the volunteer house

"They took a crow bar or something and pulled this off because they couldn't get the door unlocked because of the dead bolt so they pulled this off and then they were able to prize the door open,” says Bradley.

The thieves stole a washer and dryer, a microwave, a TV stand and several DVDs and supplies.

Bradley says this is an incident that stresses the importance of the community looking out for one another.

"If you see something say something, because you’re calling in the authorities to say hey there’s something wrong here."

She says she would've helped whoever did this.

"If the people that stole these things from us would've knocked on the door and said hey we need towels or we need a microwave or we need something along those lines, we might not have it, but we might can touch base with other non-profits and say hey this person is in need."

Police are investigating. This is the second time the habitat volunteer house has been burglarized.

Bradley says the organization will likely put the house up for sale.