Sherman speaks on hopes for U.S. Senate race

Published: May. 7, 2018 at 3:53 PM CDT
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Howard Sherman is talking to Newscenter 11 for the first time about his U.S. Senate run.

Sherman has been a businessman for years. He says he wants to use his decades of experience in the private sector to help in the Senate.

He says one of his biggest goals is to build bridges between the private and public sectors. Sherman said he hopes to use teamwork to help meet this area's basic needs.

"You can't be number one in the arts like we are. You go to the new MAX museum and think, 'Oh my God,' and yet, 50th in everything else," Sherman says. "There was a thing that hit the paper that 20 percent of the state doesn't have access to good food. Given what I do for a living, I thought, I can make an impact on this state."

Sherman, a venture capitalist, is running as a Democrat. But he says he wants to work across party lines to see effective change.

"When I walk into McDonald's and I'm hungry, I have a problem, right? They solve it," Sherman explains. "Nobody says, 'What party are you before I give you a burger?' When I'm in a business meeting, and we're trying to endeavor to fix something or create something, only in politics are we like, 'Wait. Are you a Republican or a Democrat?' That's really not what it's about."

Sherman says although he was born and raised in Los Angeles, Meridian has become a home to him. He has been married for over 25 years to actress Sela Ward, a Meridian native , and the couple has property here.

"The sense of interest, creativity, community, people, makes everything else pale by comparison," he says.

Sherman will face off against state House minority leader David Baria, Jensen Bohren, Jerone Garland, Victor Maurice, Jr., and Rep. Omeria Scott in the Democratic primary.

Richard Boyanton is challenging incumbent Sen. Roger Wicker for the Republican nomination.