Shoppers hit the stores on Thanksgiving

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Many stores were open on Thanksgiving Day for shoppers to get good deals.

Hundreds of shoppers took to the long lines in Meridian. All looking to get those great deals for themselves or for loved ones. We caught up with a couple of people at the crossroads shopping center to find out why they were there.

“We were most excited about coming in and looking at what electronics were on sale. We are here for a TV,” shopper Elisa Hughes says.

“This is my first time on Thursday. I’ve done a lot of online shopping, but never really in the store. It’s a little hectic,” shopper Bradley Wright says.

“I’ve been doing this for years. My oldest child is 19, so you could imagine how far it goes back,” shopper Michelle Nelson says.

“It’s going really good. The ticket process is working very well for us,” Best Buy general manager Keemonica Mauriscey says.