UPDATE: Four suspects in shooting of officer's car now in custody

The scene near State Boulevard is chaotic as officers search for a suspect or suspects accused of shooting at a law enforcement officer.
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Authorities have taken a third suspect into custody, and are searching for one more.


-Two suspects have been detained, but police are still looking for two others accused of firing shots at a law enforcement officer in Meridian Monday afternoon.

-The law enforcement officer was not shot, but the officer's patrol cruiser was hit. The officer enforcement officer has been identified as a deputy with the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office.

-The incident started when the deputy tried to stop a car on Old 8th Street Road.

-The pursuit ended near 20th Street. Two subjects bailed out of the car and were detained. Two others ran into a wooded area.

-The search area now appears to be concentrated around the 5200 block of Mosby Road.

-We're told one of the suspects was wearing a red hoodie, but police think he ditched the hoodie after bailing out of the car.

(Original story):

A law enforcement officer in Meridian was shot at following a high speed chase that possibly started on Old 8th Street Road just west of the city.

Newscenter 11 has learned the law enforcement officer was not shot, but the officer's patrol cruiser was hit by gunfire. We have not been told if the officer is a Meridian police officer or a sheriff's deputy.

There is an active manhunt and search underway for several suspects near the Paradise Foot Mart in and around 20th Street and State Boulevard. The search area also includes the area around East Mississippi State Hospital and Jones Memorial Presbyterian Church.

THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION: Officers in the area are wearing body armor and are carrying long guns and automatic weapons.