Shuqualak murder investigation update, family of the suspect speaks

NOXUBEE CO, Miss. (WTOK) - “It hurts, hurt bad. It shouldn’t have happened,” Jimmy Hill says, a witness on scene.

Christopher Scott has been identified as the alleged shooter in Thursday’s murder. The shooting happened last night at a house on Church Street in Shuqualak.

"He was knocking on the window and told me. Told me he had got shot. I walked over to see what was going on. When I got there, he was laying in front of the door. And he was bleeding from the head. That's all I can tell you for now," witness Kinney Hill says.

Multiple media outlets have identified the victim as Dantrell Franklin. We've been told the victim also went by the name "Rapheal."

“I was just sitting out there barbecuing and having a good time. We turned around, we heard a boom and boom! Another guy hollered. Man just came out the door and he fell to the ground,” Jimmy Hill says.

Christopher Scott’s cousin, Shaquela Bell, says Scott and Franklin were best friends. Bell and other family members believe the shooting was accidental.

"Chris was a good person and I also know that he had a lot of anger built up in him but I know he wouldn't do anything to that boy because that was his best friend and I know he was a good person,” Bell says. “So me, in my perspective, I think that everything that happened was an accident. Just wrong place, wrong time."

Scott's family along with several other witnesses tell Newscenter 11, Scott was cleaning a gun, which went off during the cleaning. That one shot ended with Franklin's death.

“Anybody from around the Shuqualak area, we all grew up. We’re all just like family around here. So anybody could tell you that he was a good person. Nothing bad. He was a very good person. I really think it was a mistake. I really do," Bell says.

Charges for Christopher Scott are still pending at this time.