Southern Pine monitoring Barry

Source: WLOX-TV

TAYLORSVILLE, Miss. (WTOK) - Southern Pine Electric says it's closely monitoring Tropical Storm Barry and is prepared to take action if the storm turns toward its service area.

In the event of a tropical storm/hurricane, dispatchers will be on duty and Southern Pine line crews will be on standby to respond to any outages that may occur.

Southern Pine Electric’s 11-county service area makes it especially vulnerable to powerful storm systems that sweep through south central Mississippi this time of year. Power outages during storms are most often caused by trees or limbs falling onto power lines and lightning damage to electrical equipment on poles or in substations.

“We are keeping a close eye on Barry’s storm path and are prepared for any outages that may be caused by this storm,” said Jason Siegfried, president/CEO. “Our line crews have been alerted and will be ready to respond as needed.”

During large scale outages crews check substations first for damage, and then work outward along major power lines to restore service to the greatest number of consumers as quickly as possible. In addition, all Southern Pine employees are subject to being called for emergency duty to speed restoration of service to our members.

If you experience a power outage or see damage to a power line or substation, please call Southern Pine at 1-800-231-5240.

Here are some tips that can prepare you for a tropical storm/hurricane.
* Have a storm kit ready to go. Make sure to include a flashlight, extra batteries and a radio. Other things to include are: toiletries, first aid kit, water and non-perishable food and medications.
* Keep freezer and refrigerator doors closed during the time you’re without electric service. This will help preserve food.
* Fill bath tubs with extra water.
* Plan an evacuation route if necessary. Contact local authorities for information about evacuation routes and shelters.
* Unplug appliances and electronic equipment.
* Bring outdoor furniture inside.

After the storm remember that safety comes first.

* Treat all downed power lines as energized. Beware of lines hidden by debris.
* Never plug in or use electrical appliances or devices while standing in water or on a damp surface.
* Prevent generator back feed. Plug appliances directly into the generator. Keep the generator in an open area to reduce carbon monoxide emissions.
* Southern Pine will provide regular updates on Facebook, Twitter and its website,
* Stay tuned to local media outlets for electric power restoration information.