St. Patrick Catholic School honors veterans

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - As part of Catholic Schools Week, students and teachers at St. Patrick Catholic School took the time Wednesday to honor veterans.

“The veterans that are in our communities- and a lot of times you don’t know who they are; which is why I always ask them to stand up, it’s surprising to see who they are- We owe everything to them, the sacrifices that they made to provide those opportunities for us growing up,” says Brian Horstman, the commanding officer at NAS Meridian.

Guest speakers from NAS Meridian talked to students about the military.

“It’s great to talk to young people. Their eyes are wide open, willing to learn, willing to listen, and really it’s great when you can connect to them and you see them shaking their heads and their asking great questions afterwards, obviously they’re paying attention," Horstman says. "It’s great to make a connection to the young crowd.”

Students and veterans placed flags at the event.

“I think the important part is just to realize that our country is great because of the freedoms we enjoy and what we’re afforded," Horstman says. "We’re only one generation away from losing that if the youngsters don’t take their place, so it’s an encouraging message to join in and serve their community.”

Some students even gave speeches about veterans and the military.

“My speech was about how the military doesn’t only try to protect us, but they also work to make sure that we have peace,” says Collin Angermann.

“My speech was about thanking the veterans and the active duty members for their service and how hard they work to protect us every day," says Emmanuel Donkor.

“My speech was about active duty military and veterans serving our country and protecting us," says Star Cayer.

The flags that were placed at the ceremony will be put out in front of the school when the weather improves.