State leaders 'politicking' at the Neshoba County Fair

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Stump speeches began Wednesday at the Neshoba County Fair. The Lt. Gov. and Attorney General of Mississippi addressed a big topic.

Mental health, especially relating to drug use in Mississippi was at the top of the list for both Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and Attorney General Jim Hood. Hood says lawmakers are failing to properly fund mental health programs that will help with treatment, but Reeves says they're providing real solutions.

"We had the legislature going in the right direction," says Hood. "I had them giving about $15 million more a year for at least two years [to mental health programs]. It was actually three [years] that they funded that additional money. Then they [the legislature] gave all these tax cuts and they cut it [mental health programs] out and we got sued within a month."

"The Department of Justice has sued the State of Mississippi because we haven't done enough community-based care," says Reeves. "We do too much institutionalization so we've got to work together to find solutions."

The legislature recently passed an overdose reversal drug that is available to the public. Reeves says lawmakers worked with first responders to help save lives.