State lottery for Mississippi?

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MISSISSIPPI (WTOK) - State lawmakers are expected to soon examine ways to generate more money for Mississippi. Governor Phil Bryant previously said that he would likely call a special session in August to address this issue. He said during the session legislators would look for ways to generate almost $200 million for infrastructure that could be maintained each year. One option that is expected to be considered is a state lottery. Mississippi House Speaker Pro Tem Greg Snowden tells Newscenter 11 that a state lottery proposal would likely pass within the state house.

"If it comes to the floor I think it's got a real good chance of passage," says Snowden. "I think that's another measure that the senate will have to bring forward. Speaker Gunn on our side is opposed to a lottery, but has made it clear, and has made it clear for at least over a year that he will not block it. So, if it comes forward we will have a vote on it, and I would suspect that it would probably pass, but that remains to be seen."

Governor Bryant has projected that a state lottery could bring in between $65 million and $80 million each year for Mississippi. A special session is expected to be called in August. The governor says a combination of money from internet sales tax collections, sports betting and a state lottery could help meet needs, which include those for roads and bridges.