Staying safe while using fireworks

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MARION, Miss. (WTOK) - Using fireworks can be an enjoyable way to ring in the new year. In order to have fun while staying safe, there are precautions you should take.

“One of the main things that you want to do is find your water hose, get a bucket of water, have water somewhere nearby, just in case anything does catch on fire, like the yard or something like that. Taking a few extra minutes before shooting your fireworks will really go a long way in case something bad does happen," says Jeff Tate, the owner of Tate's Fireworks in Marion.

Wearing eye protection in the form of sunglasses or any type of goggles is important, along with wearing the proper clothing and being in the proper state of mind.

"You don’t want to have loose-fit clothing on where a spark or anything like that can get in between your clothes and your skin. And another real important one that we also get asked, you know, if you partake in the adult beverages, it’s fine to be a spectator but you don’t want to be an igniter when it comes to fireworks,” says Tate.

You have to be a certain age to purchase fireworks on your own.

"The age limit in the state of Mississippi is 12 years old, unless you have an adult accompanying you. And we always suggest that if children are going to be igniting fireworks, that’s fine as long as there is adult supervision there,” Tate explains.

Fireworks can be fun for many ages, and there are certain types of fireworks for all levels of expertise.

“There are all types of stages of fireworks, anywhere from small sparklers to some of the bigger stuff that’s here behind me. There are instructions on each firework and we would be more than happy to go over everything as far as how to ignite it, what it’ll actually do, and how to properly dispose of it whenever you’re done shooting your fireworks,” Tate said.