Staying warm without breaking the bank

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - A lot of you are looking to stay warm without breaking the bank. Mississippi Power has some tips so your bills won't skyrocket during these freezing temperatures.

Spokesman Jeff Shepard says it all starts at the thermostat. They recommend setting the temp at 68 degrees. Any higher than that, and your system will be working harder to keep your house warm. One of the most common mistakes people make is bumping the thermostat up too high too quickly.

"Don't come in and hit it and knock it up 8 degrees right in a row because it's just going to stay on, and it's going to work really hard to get it where you set it to," Shepard says. "Bump it up maybe 2 degrees an hour. Just incrementally go up, and it'll give it time to kind of catch up and get the house acclimated to the temperature you want to get it to."

If you're still chilly, put on some extra layers and add another blanket to the bed. Shepard says you should also make sure your windows are properly sealed to keep cold air from getting in.