Still hot, but lower humidity for the rest of the week

Happy Thursday! The cold front that brought some showers and storms yesterday afternoon has moved through, but the drier air is lagging behind a bit. That means it is still a muggy start to our day today, with air temperatures and dew point temperatures in the mid-70s and low-70s, respectively. We'll start our Thursday with a good amount of cloud cover across the area. Clouds will decrease through the day from the northwest to the southeast. This means that places around Philadelphia and Newton will see clear skies sooner than places around Silas or Quitman.

High temperatures will warm into the mid-90s today, with slightly cooler temperatures in southeastern portions of our areas due to the fact that the clouds will clear later in those spots. Thanks to mostly clear skies and lower dew points tonight, morning lows by Friday morning will drop mainly into the upper-60s, which is slightly below average for this time of year. Ample sunshine on Friday will allow for temperatures to warm up into the upper-90s for most of the area. The humidity still won't be as oppressive as what we've been seeing, but heat index values may still top out around 103 Friday afternoon.

Saturday will be the hottest day of the next seven, with highs near 100 degrees. Heat indices could be as high as 105 that afternoon. Rain chances will begin to increase on Sunday as a series of disturbances is set to move through. We'll see a chance of scattered storms Sunday through Tuesday with highs in the upper-80s and low-90s. It will be quite humid during this time frame and thus heat index values will still top out around 100 degrees despite the cooler air temperatures. Isolated storms will be possible on Wednesday as highs stay in the low-90s under partly cloudy skies.