Robbery, murder investigation latest

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MERIDIAN, Miss -(WTOK) The Meridian Police Department says it has received calls since releasing surveillance video of a fatal robbery but still needs more help to find the shooter.

The trail has grown cold in search for the man who robbed, then shot and killed a convenience store clerk late last week in Meridian.

Surveillance video from the holdup at the Highway 19 North Exxon shows the events before and after the shooting.

Sergeant Dareall Thompson says calls concerning the shooting have not produced leads strong enough to lead to a suspect.

"We really don't have much information. We are relying in the community at this point to help us. They always come through so we are asking the community. Maybe somebody witnessed someone running from the scene. We are asking them to call the Meridian Police Department," said Thompson.

Thompson says getting the video out to the public may help. It shows 22-year-old Sandeep Singh working overnight last Thursday at the Exxon on Highway 19 North. Singh cleaning up when a man dressed in a black hoodie with the word 'Mississippi' in white letters pointed a gun at him.

The gunman forced Singh to the register. The clerk opened it but tried to grab the gun from the suspect. Singh was shot in the struggle. The rest of the video showed Singh on the ground for about 13 minutes until a customer came in.

"Going in the store to purchase some items and they were looking for the clerk. They couldn't find the clerk. They left out the store. They noticed the clerk laying on the floor and that's when they called 911," said Thompson.

Singh's life was ended over a undisclosed amount of money.

"We always tell them if they come in, give them what they want. Don't put up a fight," said Thompson.

MPD hopes by getting this video out to the public investigators will gain new leads to help find the person responsible. The armed robber has yet to be identified. Investigators say this is a capital case since a death occurred while another crime was being committed.