Students learn about Elvis Presley

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Fourth grade students at one local school district are learning about the King of Rock and Roll this week.

What would have been Elvis’s 84th birthday was celebrated on January 8 and fourth graders throughout the Meridian Public School District were learning about him yesterday and today. Topics included his contributions to US culture and how he changed music culture in America by mixing white gospel, black gospel, blues, and country.

“It opens up their eyes I think to possibilities,” says Carla Falkner, a speaker with the MS Humanities Council. “One of the things we talked about today was being able to express yourselves through music, and whether it’s music or art or writing, it’s a valuable tool for children to learn how to express themselves, and express their emotions.”

The Elvis presentation is part of a collaborative effort called “Mississippi to THE MAX” by the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience, Any Given Child, the Mississippi Humanities Council, and the East Mississippi Community Foundation.

“Gaining an appreciation of your culture and seeing how rich Mississippi culture is, helps [the students] to appreciate the state.”