Students learn all about conservation at Camp Binachi

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LAUDERDALE CO., Miss. (WTOK) - To give students a more hands-on experience with learning, the Lauderdale County and Meridian Public School Districts have teamed up with private industry and government professionals to learn all about conservation.

“The presenters basically are introducing [the students] to different topics and [with] those particular topics, they can continue to learn about that when they get back to their classrooms,” says Deidre Bland a drop-out prevention specialist with MPSD and a coordinator of Tuesday’s event.
Topics the students studied Tuesday included soil conservation, air quality, boating safety, electrical safety, water quality, and the animals that live in Mississippi.

“This goes right along with our Mississippi History curriculum,” says Kelly Ishee, a fourth grade teacher at Northeast Elementary. “This is something where kids not only get to read about in a book, but we get to come out and enjoy it, they get to see it, get their hands dirty a little bit and enjoy the beautiful day.”

Teachers tell us that the students really enjoy their outdoor classroom experience.

“They love it! We look forward to this field trip every year we tell them about it,” Ishee says. “They love hearing about the animals, they love getting to meet some of the business men and business women in our community.”

This is the fourth year these conservation activities have been held and school officials hope to continue this for years to come.

“We greatly appreciate the partnerships that we’ve established with agencies, they have come out every single year, and they look forward to it,” Bland says. “The students that are here are from the county and the city schools, all of them are well behaved, they’re very intrigued by the information that’s being introduced to them, and we’re just grateful for the opportunity that we’re able to extend to everyone.”

This event has been held at Camp Binachi each year, except in 20-18 where it was held at the Lauderdale County Ag Center due to inclement weather.