Students learn about the dangers of drugs and alcohol

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - An emergency nurse from Maine was in our area Thursday to speak to students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Linda Dutil shared stories about teens using drugs and making other poor decisions and how it affected their lives in her program entitled, “A Dose of Reality.” One thing she taught the students at Northeast Middle School was intervention techniques when their friends overdose on drugs.

“And then I also emphasize the importance of getting help for their friends,” Dutil says. “So many times there will be a tragedy where a teenager has died and a friend has said, ‘you know, he’s okay, just let him sleep it off,’ and so I emphasize it’s so important to always stay with your friends.”

Dutil also did a mock demonstration on what nurses do to save overdose victims from death.

“So in addition to sharing the dangers of drugs and alcohol, I talk about what they do to your bodies, the dangers,” Dutil says. “I also do a demonstration for them to see basically those lifesaving skills, what we have to do in the emergency room to save their life.”

Mitchell Distributing was Dutil’s local sponsor for Thursday’s assembly.