Students learn history of Kemper County

Published: Jun. 28, 2017 at 1:00 PM CDT
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A group of students from Kemper County Schools is gaining more knowledge about the county they call home.

“A lot of people think that Kemper is just a dull, boring place, but we actually have a special history,” explained Alfred Love, a student at Kemper County High School.

This is the first summer the school hosted a 21st Century oral history project, titled “Uncovering Kemper County.”

“The idea came from this book, Minds Stayed on Freedom that was done in Holmes County. And due to this we wanted the children to learn about all the uniqueness of Kemper County and what is has to offer,” said Vivian Jackson, a teacher at Kemper County High School.

Nearly 30 students spent the month of June exploring various aspects of the county.

“We learned about Sciple’s Mill, John C. Stennis, the coal plant, historical museum and the library,” said student Marianna Gibbs.

All aspects of learning was involved, from reading to writing, mathematics to social studies.

“It is teaching them how to have oral communication skills, doing research and presenting,” said Jackson.

The group visited various sites, all done to enrich the student’s minds and help them learn in new ways.

“We need to know what happened in our county; these are important people and places and we need to know about them,” explained Gibbs.

Leaders at the school explain they hope to continue this program for years to come, to educate the future leaders of the community.

“It is something that they can take pride in to know that their county offers something that others don’t have,” said Jackson.

On Friday students in the 21st Century Program will give oral presentations showcasing what they have learned by “Uncovering Kemper County”. School leaders invite the public to attend the event, starting at 10 a.m.