Summer-like warmth and showers building

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Afternoon showers and thunderstorms will increase through the weekend as summer-like warmth and humidity build.

We have enjoyed some cool, crisp mornings paired with warm, dry afternoons. The afternoons will steadily grow warmer through this weekend. Humidity will also steadily increase. That will mean two things: first, our crisp mornings will grow less crisp; and second, our dry afternoons will become less dry.


Today will be mostly sunny, and we will warm into the low-to-mid 70s through noon. Clouds will increase this afternoon, and a few stray showers or thunderstorms will become possible. High temperatures will be average near 80 degrees. The clouds will linger along with that chance for stray shower or thunderstorms through this evening. We will cool into the mid-to-upper 60s by 10 PM. The rest of tonight will become mostly clear. Low temperatures will average around 58 degrees.


Showers and thunderstorms are possible again on Thursday. They will still be spotty in nature, but they will likely be more numerous as compared to Wednesday. Showers and thunderstorms will be even more numerous as a mid-level low pressure wave tracks over Mississippi and Alabama on Friday. Another disturbance will increase the coverage of afternoon showers and thunderstorms again on Sunday, and again on Monday, and again on Tuesday. Even as the afternoon showers and thunderstorms increase, there's no day when everyone is likely to get rain. We will all be fair game for the showers and thunderstorms, however.


Those showers and thunderstorms will knock down our temperatures, but they will also ramp up the humidity. Away from the storms, we're growing warmer and warmer. We'll be nearing 90 degrees for a high on Friday afternoon. Lower 90s are possible on Saturday and Sunday.