Sumter County voters reject tax hike

Published: Nov. 8, 2016 at 9:15 PM CST
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Sumter County voters say no to a proposal for an ad valorem tax increase.

With all precincts reporting:

No 3,125 55%

Yes 2,559 45%

The referendum sought to fund various entities:

1. Thirty-five percent to the York Health Care


2. Twenty-five percent to the Sumter County

Commission for ambulance service subsidy,

road, and bridges.

3. Twenty percent to the Sumter County

Volunteer Firefighters Association which shall

distribute the proceeds in equal amounts to

each recipient which, at the date of the

approval of this act, is receiving funding from

the Sumter County Commission which funds

shall be used to upgrade existing

infrastructure and the Sumter County Rescue

Squad, 911 Board, Sumter Indigent Care

Fund, and Boys and Girls Club.

4. Fifteen percent to the Sumter County

Sheriff's Department for deputy sheriffs, jail

administrator, purchase and maintenance of

vehicles and equipment, and providing

security for the Sumter County Court House,

Sumter County Commission Annex Building,

or other buildings owned or leased by the

Sumter County Commission.

5. Five percent to the Sumter County Board of

Education with two and one-half percent to be

earmarked for maintenance and upkeep of

school roads, and two and one-half percent

for supplies to support the nurses employed

by the Sumter County Board of Education.