Sunday's Sunfish Triathlon preview

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK)- An annual event is expected to bring over 200 riders to Bonita Lakes to swim, run and bike.

Bonita Lakes will be filled with athletes from across the country as the 34th Annual Sunfish Triathlon that takes place tomorrow. Nearly 230 athletes have already signed up for the event.

Organizers were getting everything set up for the big day Sunday. The race will start at 6 am and will end around noon.

“Bonita Lakes is probably the best venue in Mississippi to have a triathlon. Everything is located close to transition. The water is very clear, it’s a great place to swim and all the athletes comment what a nice lake it is,” said race director Emry Kenndy.

Bonita will be closed will be closed tomorrow until 1 in the afternoon.