Suspect charged in 2017 murder case

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - For the second time in less than two years, Aundre Tubbs has been charged with murder in the January 2017 death of Jeffrey Pope.

In March 2017, Municipal Court Judge Robbie Jones dismissed the charges against Tubbs due to inconsistent testimony in the case.

"There was an apparent conflict in the officer that made the initial stops recollection of the clothing Mr. Tubbs had on and the description that was provided as to the shooter,” said Judge Jones.

Judge Jones said at the time of the murder, a neighbor called 911 and described Pope's shooter as a man wearing red shorts and a black t-shirt.

An officer who saw Tubbs that night gave a different clothing description.

"Dispatch still had a record of what was called in on the night of the alleged stop and it was consistent with the description of the shooter,” said Judge Jones. "Since, that time apparently they've been able to correct that, the officer just made a mistake."

Tubbs was already in jail on an unrelated murder charge when he was charged again in the Jeffrey Pope case.

"The detective department now has all the pieces to at least present the case in a more organized fashion,” said Judge Jones.

A grand jury will hear the 2017 case. Tubbs' bond is set at one-million dollars.