Tactical Games host 2nd annual here in Meridian

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK)- The sport of combat made its way back to Meridian for the 2 Annual Tactical Games.

"The idea is to have people shoot under physical duress as they would in combat," Founder Tim Burke said.

The city of Meridian's Department of Public Safety hosted the two-day event.

"We love the meridian public safety training center because of the variety of training areas it has. We called it the three t's, towers, tunnels, and trains. Over the two days, they are climbing for stories and shooting about 220 years over a lake," says Burke.

The Tactical Games provide a venue to test the skills and readiness of tactical athletes from all backgrounds.

"There dragging heavy things underload, their climbing ropes, they're doing obstacle courses, they're crawling, and all kinds of things that test strength also mobility. How does my body and can I do it when it matters," says Burke.

The games include several tactical courses that challenge each person as an athlete, shooter, and a thinker.

115 athletes tested their endurance and mobility in the sport.

Among those athletes, Valerie Smith has been training for this event with her husband/coach.

"He’ll take me to the range. We work on shooting drills and he makes things for me. He built me a sled me a rope climb. He builds things to help me better prepare for this. He pushes me and encourages me at the same time," says participant Valerie Smith.

Burke said this is a great way to bring the community together.

"We’ve created this amazing community of people who support one another and circle around each other. This is the only place I know that the person in last place is cheered on more than the person in first place," says Burke.

If you think you have what it takes to compete, you can visit the tactical games website at Thetacticalgames.com