Taggart says he can't win without East Mississippi

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Attorney General candidate, Andy Taggart, brought his campaign to Meridian Friday. He's a Republican candidate in a runoff with state treasurer Lynn Fitch Aug. 27.

Taggart says east Mississippi is central to his strategy to win the GOP nomination. In fact, he said if he loses east Mississippi, he won't win the runoff in eleven days.

Taggart says voters should consider the qualifications they would want if hiring a lawyer to represent them.

"if they had to hire a lawyer for themselves, for their family, for their business, or heaven forbid, to protect their freedom in the event they're criminal defendants, wouldn't they want to hire a practicing lawyer who has spent his career day in and day out in the courtrooms of this state, expertly making his case to judges and juries, and not someone who happened to have a law degree on the wall?" said Taggart.

Taggart and Fitch are on the GOP ballot Aug. 27. The runoff winner will face Democrat Jennifer Riley Collins in November.